Serials: New titles, schedule, and subscription

Please also check the tutorial on serials management in the service itself:

Help > Tutorials > Periodicals


New Title

  • Click: Metadata > Insert record
  • Choose the template Periodical in the MARC editor
  • Supply information in the title and ISSN fields, and other fields when relevant
  • Click to save record (small characters upper right corner of editor)

When the record details have been saved, you add information on subscription and schedule:

  • Click metadata > Add subscription
  • Fill out relevant fields, and click to save. Remember to check whether the serial is meant for physical circulation in your organisation, or for notification to interested patrons upon reception of new issues

Please that information on subscription is not saved, when mandatory fields are not filled, ie. supplier information.

The title is now displayed in the list of active subscriptions:

Periodicals > Subscription

Use the icons on the far right to add data on schedule, budget, etc. 

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