Deaquisition: Books & journals; records & items

When deleting or withdrawing a material, start with the item.

Find the record and click on the barcode of the item. Or click to edit the item in the list of items related to the record: Objects.

When editing the item, there are the following choices (buttons below):

  • Save
  • Withdraw: The item is withdrawn. Data on circulation is saved for reports and statistics. If there is only one item attached to the record, you will be asked whether the record should also be deleted.
  • Delete: Item is deleted.
  • Order

One cannot withdraw or delete items with reservations, or items that are checked out. 

If more than one copy of the record, you can not delete both item and record, but only choose to delete or withdraw the item.


Withdrawing a large number of items

  • Select: Settings > Data > Move items
  • Select "Move to Withdraw"
  • Read barcodes


Deleting a record without items

Find the record. Click on Edit to view the record in the MARC editor and choose Delete (top right corner).



  • Delete all issues of the journal.
  • Delete any subscribers to the subscription.
  • Delete subscription details.
  • Delete the "empty" record as described above.


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